Closing the Gender Gap. Meet the Face at Revix who Leads Transformation | Revix Blog

 Simónn du Plooy


Simónn du Plooy


August 9, 2022

Closing the Gender Gap. Meet the Face at Revix who Leads Transformation | Revix Blog

It is no secret that women are underrepresented in the tech industry. In a traditional sense, finance has always been heavily male-dominated, with Fintech following suit. Many companies have acknowledged this issue and are trying to increase the representation of women in roles including engineering, product management, and other departments. 

Working for a start-up is highly challenging, and when you factor in that we work for a crypto-focused start-up, things get even more interesting. Uncertainty, doubts, open questions, and too much to accomplish in a 24-hour day are all part of the process, but the feeling of accomplishment when presenting an incredible product to the market makes it all worthwhile. It’s exhilarating. At Revix, we are provided with opportunities to innovate, fail, learn, move on and move fast. We are given a chance to think outside the box, push our boundaries, and create something out of nothing.

Creating something out of nothing 

We get to ask ourselves daily, “what are we going to create today?” The tech industry is far from ordinary - it is an exciting, dynamic, and fast-paced industry to be a part of with endless amounts of creativity and innovative possibilities. This dynamic world of discovery and innovation provides a clear understanding of the increasingly digital world that challenges notions of what's possible. From thinking on your feet to using out-of-the-box methods to solve problems is what you can expect. However, diversity of thought is essential for this process to flourish. 

Solving gender diversity 

At Revix, we emphasise gender diversity within our teams and ensure that different perspectives are heard. This enables us to gain a holistic view of the challenges we face. Women are natural community builders. 

Author and marketer, Martha Barlette said, “When men communicate, they’re concerned with conveying information and establishing status. When women communicate, they’re concerned with conveying information and building connections.” Women are often better at community-building and communication, which is why the crypto industry so badly needs their talents. Crypto can be confusing if it's not explained properly, and women are the missing link in changing that. Women have the natural ability to present information that the public can not only understand but also connect with. 

Revix is committed to bridging the diversity gap by being very clear about what kind of transformation we want to see, underlining how critical it is to us, and acting on that. We are constantly striving to create a more inclusive and culturally-rich environment by refining our recruiting processes, tailoring our onboarding, making conscious internal changes, and setting diversity goals. 

Creating a diverse workplace takes hard work and accountability in order to be successful. It takes patience and perseverance. There is major upside potential, and Revix is up to the task.

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