Crypto Unlocked: Navigating the High Rewards and Risks of Digital Investing Webinar | Revix Blog

Danielle Vlok


Danielle Vlok


May 8, 2023

Crypto Unlocked: Navigating the High Rewards and Risks of Digital Investing Webinar | Revix Blog

In the recent webinar "Crypto Unlocked: Navigating the High Rewards & Risks of Digital Investing”, Founder and CEO of Revix, Sean Sanders was joined by Yaliwe Soko. Yaliwe is the Chairperson of United Africa Blockchain Association, Founder of Essence Crypto Consultants & Umoja Empowerment Fund, an Ethereum Foundation Devcon Alumni, as well as one of Paxful’s Top 10 Most Influential Women in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency in Africa. 

Watch the recording here.

The webinar offered valuable insights for everyday investors and wealth managers who are curious about the potential rewards and risks of investing in cryptocurrencies. Investing in crypto can be complex, with many new types of currencies emerging every day. While cryptocurrencies have seen explosive growth in recent years, they are still part of a relatively new and unstable market. Their value can be volatile, making it essential for investors to understand the associated risks to avoid losing their investment. 

The discussion touched on the risks and rewards involved with investing in crypto with price volatility being the more obvious. Sean mentions that this not unique to the crypto space, as all investment sectors carry some degree of risk but due to the fact that the crypto market is relatively new and there is a great deal of retail investor involvement present, you have a lot of volatility. 

He further emphasises that the crypto space has a significant amount of leverage highlighting that trading have played a major role in building this industry and have contributed to a gambling-like mindset amongst investors. This, in turn, causes steep and extreme price fluctuations, which are much more significant than those seen in the stock markets.

Although the crypto space carries inherent risks, it cannot be denied that it has been the top-performing asset class over the past decade in terms of potential rewards. As Sean explains, “There has not been an asset class that went from being worth less than $100 million all the way back in 2012 to around $1.2 trillion today. That's an incredible annualised return.”

At Revix, we aim to take the complexity away from investing in cryptocurrencies. The name Revix stands for revolutionary investment experience and we aim to change the every day persons user experience and enable everyday people to easily grow and manage their own wealth. We don’t use financial jargon or candle stick charts or complexity, we are built for the every day person without a financial degree. Our platform is not aimed at trading but rather investing for the long-term. “We believe the most long-term value in the space comes from buying and holding and the data that we have supports this.”

Sean shared his insights to provide investors with practical strategies for navigating this exciting and dynamic market. Investors should take several factors into account, such as selecting suitable platforms, keeping up with market trends, and managing risk exposure, to name a few. Additionally, it's important to diversify one's portfolio and avoid investing more than one can afford to lose to ensure a less volatile experience that is driven by well-informed investment decisions.

In summary, learn more about: 

  • The factors that make investing in digital assets potentially rewarding
  • The risks involved in digital asset investing
  • Managing risk
  • Navigating regulatory changes
  • How to conduct thorough research and due diligence
  • The importance of diversifying your portfolio
  • Staying informed on market trends and news and 
  • Protecting your investments

Watch the full recording here.

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