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since 2019

50+ thousand users trust us, and so can you.

Cutting-edge security

We utilise physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your assets, identity, and personal information.


Independently audited

All customer assets are fully backed, securely custodied and independently verified by our audit partner — Mazars.


Compliant without compromise

We operate in strict compliance with both local laws and global regulations.

Our approach to security

We implement multiple layers of protection to ensure that we detect, prevent, and address any potential risks on our platform from all angles.

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Platform Security

We systematically detect anomalies and unusual behaviour to protect our users. Identifying and eliminating security vulnerabilities to ensure ongoing protection.
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Access Control

Advanced architecture secures all account access, including user sessions and transaction verification, for complete identity protection.
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Wallet Security

Your crypto is held in trust with multiple custodial partners to reduce single point of failure risks. We only partner with reputable digital asset industry leaders.
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Data Security

We collect only necessary personal data to provide the best services and protection, being transparent in its use and sharing.
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Risk Management

Our Risk Management Committee continuously monitors our platform, our partners and the broader markets to identify and mitigate potential risks.
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Real Human Help

Get in touch with our support team directly via email or our live messaging service. You can check our Help Center for fast solutions.

Proof of reserves

Your crypto that is held with us is collateralised 1:1 at all times. This is verified by our independent audit partner Mazars who publishes quarterly proof-of-reserve reports. These reports — together with our annual financial audits — provide third-party assurance that your funds and assets are fully accounted for.

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How do we protect your account?

Here are some of the examples of the best protections available to all our users

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of protection with Two-factor Authentication (2FA), generating a one-time code on your smartphone for complete peace of mind for sensitive transactions.

Password Management

Passwords stored in Revix's database are irreversibly encrypted for security. We never store passwords in plain text, ensuring maximum protection for users. We require strong passwords and recommend reputable password managers for added security.

Proactive Security Notifications

For all main security changes in your account settings, we will communicate with you and even give you the option of locking your account.

Organisation Security

Revix mandates the use of cryptographically-secure Multi-Factor Authentication, such as hardware U2F keys, for all its employees to access internal services. The engineers are not granted access to application credentials or production servers, and all deployments are carried out by an independent deployment server. Prior to joining Revix, candidates are required to undergo a criminal background check as part of the hiring process.

Infrastructure Security

Revix's infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring secure access control, data encryption, monitoring, and isolation. Our internal networks are protected by firewalls, with encrypted internet traffic and strict firewall policies for maximum security.

Enhanced Account Protections

We monitor third-party data breaches and darknet markets for threats, automatically securing your login credentials to protect your account from potential risks.